Fun tours for adults and children of all ages

Join your guide for an entertaining walk down the eerie streets of historic Williamsburg illuminated by the lantern’s glow. Our tours relate true stories of ghosts and pirates in historic Williamsburg.

Don’t be spooked by the legends of “Ghosts” who some feel make Williamsburg their home. We have friendly ghosts. The story of Blackbeard’s pirate crew who visited Williamsburg against their will is recreated. Williamsburg Lantern Tours are a fun way to spend an evening.

Questions & Answers

Hear stories of real ghost encounters of your guide, of residents, and true story of pirates and a witch trial in Williamsburg + much more.
Starting at a location in historic Colonial Williamsburg – you will be sent a location map with nearby parking information.
After dark usually – you request your desired start time.
Evening Lantern Tours delivered by John are approximately 1 hour duration, and the tour is 1 1/2 hours when the graveyard visit is included.. This tour, like all our other tours, are private tours for your family. You will not have other persons in your group that you do not know.
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Our ghost tours are fun for all ages.
The private 1 hr. tour cost $95 and includes up to 8 persons. The private 1 1/2 hour tour (includes graveyard visit) costs $126. (additional persons are $16 each). Please pay in cash at the conclusion of the tour.

Some people believe in ghosts!!! ………… Do you? ……You should !!!

With a private tour, you can continually ask questions and have conversations with your guide. There are companies in Williamsburg that put their guests into a group of 25 or more, but more usually 50+ persons. Another good reason to take our tour is that frequently our guests report having contact with the spirits while on our tours.

Emma Jones’ ghost (God rest her soul) ?

Emma JonesGhost of Emma Jones rising from the crypt to greet visitors at Williamsburg, VA

Mike Krause took this photo of what appears to be the ghost of Emma Jones  and the Jones cemetery on November 9th, 2011.Mike snapped it when his 9 year old son pointed out the ghost rising from the grave. The grave is that of Emma Jones. Emma’s ghost has been haunting this grave yard for decades. She  likes visitors to stop by. She is said to especially like to give kisses to boys.

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