The tour was awesome. I’m already hearing stories about the girls telling people about colonials drinking from Blackbeard’s skull. They thoroughly enjoyed it and I speak from all the adults when I say we did too. It was truly educational, informative and by all means entertaining. Thank you from the girls and adults of Girl Scout Troop 68, Camp Lejeune Service Unit, NC.Tiffany Tubb Leader

Hi John,
Thank you for the fabulous tour! The boys all thought it was “awesome.” I enjoyed learning so much history in addition to the ghost information. Thank you for your patience with the boys questions and comments. We were all thrilled. Blessings, Linda and John Fraley

John, We would like to thank you for giving us our requested “11” on a scale of 1 to 10 for Ghost Tours. We appreciate all the extra effort you put into our tour. The kids still talk about that * and the stormy night we were running down the road in that driving rain and wind storm. The warmth and generosity of “Southerners” is very refreshing. Thank you for making our visit one to remember with fondness for years to come! Kimberly CVACS-D Blackstone, VA 23824

The tour was GREAT! Jessie couldn’t of asked for any better she says. It was the coolest thing of the night. the stories were amazing, and the tricks were cute. Jessie is thinking about becoming a historic interpretor at Colonial Williamsburg, so she really enjoyed comparing her thoughts and knowledge to yours. It was great, and we hope to do it again.
Thank You, Kim & Jessie

I just wanted to say thanks to John Sutton, our personal tour guide on June 21, 2005. He was fabulous and very much surpassed my expectations. John was great. We had 4 year-old Libby, 7 year-old Joe and 9 year-old Tommy with us and he was great with all of them and their questions; the boys were intrigued with all of your knowledge about the town and the ghosts. John was also courteous in telling us when some subject matter may be a little too scary for Libby. The kids could not get home fast enough to tell all of their friends about Joe **********or about the **********.

Tom & I got a kick out of watching how interested they were in the tour. What an accomplishment to hold their attention that long! They loved it. So did we as adults. You are a fabulous tour guide and helped us create a memory we will always remember.
Thanks so much — Kathy & Tom, Cleveland OH

Our family just wanted to say what a joy it was to have you as our tour guide on June 16. It was great to have such a personalized tour. Our children still talk about the ***** To see all the other groups that were so large and then to have our small group with just our family was perfect. We will give your name to anyone we know who are planning a visit.
Thank You , The Stillwell’s

Randy and I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful tour on September 13, 2005. You made our night! We especially loved that fact that is was a private tour and not a large group like what we saw!You were very informed and entertaining and I especially loved the Jones’ Graveyard. I’ve attached 3 pictures of that graveyard. On the one, I believe I see a face (I circled it) and once you zoom in, it starts to look like a child’s face. I’ve attached the same picture without the circle and another shot where you don’t see that face.You had our attention all night and will we do it again when we come back! I wouldn’t’t take any other tour with anyone else! Regards, Randy & Danielle Seibert, Phoenixville, PA

Thank you for a wonderful tour.
I took the lantern tour in the summer of 2005. I took numerous pictures to have for keepsakes for it was a great vacation and I wanted to remember every part about it. I finally did get the photo’s developed and in one picture of one of the houses there is PLAIN as DAY… a ghost looking out through the window. This picture gives everyone who looks at it chills. This image was taking with an olympus 35mm camera on a beautiful, clear and warm night during your lantern tour. (The image of a face is in the window to the left of the tree. Could this be crazy Lucy?) This image amazes everyone I show it to. I do consider myself very lucky to have taken it. William Putt

Hi John, we wanted to thank you again for the ghost tour for our Reunion . Everyone had a great time. My brother had his pictures developed and the picture below was from the pictures he took. I’m not saying that Thomas jefferson was there, but it sure looks like it from this picture. Can you see the image of an arm and hand over the key ? Kathy Sue Blake, family reunion

I just wanted to let you know that the tour we received on Friday evening was wonderful. Our tour guide “John” was fabulous. The kids are still talking about it. In fact, our tour was so personal and informative, we feel it isn’t necessary to go back to this particular historic area, but we will. Our guide shared so much information. We were a family of six and it was worth every dollar. Please pass on our thank you to our guide. It was a great start to our vacation and we will recommend your site to anyone we know who visits the area. Happy Haunting.
Mike and Karen Murray and family

Hey John! We had a wonderful time on the Ghost tour! The girls are still teasing each other about “Are you my grandson?” and “I want my liver!”. The funniest thing about the “liver” story was when you were telling this creature that Girl Scout troop #203 had his liver, the girls in the other two troops were teasing the ones in 203 that they were safe and that only 203 had the problem! Crazy girls! Anyway, they seem to be most interested in Emma. LOL Some of the parents looked a bit surprised at the girls giving her a kiss! We plan to add some of the photos we took to our travel journals from the trip. Thank you so much for your time. They had an absolute ball! Sincerely, Dana Patterson & Troops 203/291

Hi John, All the way home from Williamsburg (9 hrs.), we couldn’t stop talking about the highlight of our trip. You guessed it – the Ghost Lantern Walk! The kids loved it and so did we! Our little 3 year old “Blackbeard” is still telling everyone he sees about the ghosts & pirates. It was enlightening, entertaining, and unforgettable. We were so fortunate to book our tour with you. Thanks again! The Fazzone family